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Not That Kindle Guy #9

Not That Kindle Guy #9

McKenzie Wark, Gamer Theory, Harvard Press, 2007


Siccome Febbraio è il mese perfetto, non potevamo essere da meno: 9 Febbraio e nona puntata di NTKOG, tutta dedicata al gaming.

Gamer Theory è la trascrizione di una lunga collaborazione tra McKenzie Wark, The Institute for The Future of the Book e un team di gamer, ricercatori e hacker. Il libro è diviso in capitoli, ognuno dei quali legato a una parola chiave e a un caso studio: si va da The Sims a Civilization passando per Deus Ex e Vice City. Anche se è uscito nel 2007, Gamer Theory rimane attualissimo. Continue reading

Happy Together – TCC and Francesco Jodice for Milan Digital Week and Triennale, May 30th, 5PM

Francesco Jodice & The Cool Couple
Online performance for Milano Digital Week and Triennale Milano
Saturday, May30t, 5PM

HAPPY TOGETHER! is a conversation on the relation between physical and digital space among visual artists Francesco Jodice and The Cool Couple.
What kind of spaces do we decide to inhabit and how does this period of forced isolation and restricted social interaction affect our individual perception of places? In the near future, the question will probably concern the dimension we choose for our life.

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We’re SINK’s digital residents for March!

We’re pleased to announce that we will start a digital residency on SINK from today until the end of March! We’ve been invited to work on the 3D scans made available by museums and art institutions worldwide.

Read more here and visit our page to know more about what we’re doing and watch it happening!