Happy Together – TCC and Francesco Jodice for Milan Digital Week and Triennale, May 30th, 5PM

Francesco Jodice & The Cool Couple
Online performance for Milano Digital Week and Triennale Milano
Saturday, May30t, 5PM

HAPPY TOGETHER! is a conversation on the relation between physical and digital space among visual artists Francesco Jodice and The Cool Couple.
What kind of spaces do we decide to inhabit and how does this period of forced isolation and restricted social interaction affect our individual perception of places? In the near future, the question will probably concern the dimension we choose for our life.

Starting from personal experiences and immersive explorations of the landscapes and urban spaces of the gaming environment, the artists discuss the new and enhanced resemblance of the virtual space as well as the idea of being situated in it, living in the game.
In 1971 the metabolist architect Kishō Kurokawa defined his Nagakin Capsule Tower with the following words: “The capsule is a cyborg architecture. Man, technology and space constitute this new organic body, the architecture will become a device, from here on.
Jodice and TCC will discuss about the gamification of everyday life from the inside of the game, trying to describe the possibility of looking for a form of happiness inside the landscape-panorama of virtual worlds.

The event will be streamed on the home page of Milano Digital Week: www.milanodigitalweek.com

It will also be available on the webpage of the talk: https://www.milanodigitalweek.com/happy-together

Last but not least: you can follow the event live on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MilanoDigitalWeek/