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Artefiera 2020, Bologna, Jan. 23-26

Artefiera 2020
Jan 24-26
Opening Jan. 23, 6.30PM
Fiera Bologna

We are glad to announce that we will be exhibiting at Artefiera 2020 with MLZ Art Dep, presenting some new excerpts from the series Time Travel Stuff. You can find us at PAD 15, booth E25.

Siamo lieti di annunciare la nostra partecipazione ad Artefiera 2020 con MLZ Art Dep, dove presenteremo alcune opere inedite della serie Time Travel Stuff. Ci troverete al PAD 15, stand E25.

Talking (About) Images, Kunsthalle Graz, May 29th – June 12th 2018


Talking (About) Images
Curated by Francesca Lazzarini and Marta Rovetta
May 29th to June 12th 2018
Opening: Tuesday, May 29th 2018, 6 PM

Kunsthalle Graz, Conrad von Hötzendorf Straße 42A, Graz, Austria

After its first stage at Galerija Kortil in Rijeka, the reflection on the role and power of images in contemporary society proposed by Talking (about) images continues in Graz, at the Kunsthalle, from May 29th to June 12th 2018.
The project, curated by Francesca Lazzarini and Marta Rovetta for Cultural Inventory, with the support of the Region of Styria, develops through four exhibitions and as many inaugural events with eight artists of various nationalities and different means of expression – The Cool Couple, Severin Hirsch, Kate Howlett-Jones, Neža Knez, Maryam Mohammadi, Nika Rukavina, Alessandro Sambini and Christoph Szalay -, exploring the relationship between images and the reality they represent, the mechanisms that regulate their production and diffusion, the ambiguities that they can generate, but also their potential as a universal and shared language.
In fact, unlike words, images do not require translations to be read by people in different part of the world, being apparently a limitless tool for global communication. Nevertheless, their interpretation is anything but objective: images are intrinsically ambiguous. Due to their power of persuasion, images play a key function in the capitalist and globalised system: they are vehicles for ideology and one of the main weapons in the struggle over an arena of strategic importance today, the collective imaginary.
So Talking (about) Images focuses on images as an autonomous language: as in the participatory project and related installation Imag(in)e Ka-mi- ze by Neža Knez, that employs images as a children’s mean to design a better future; the work Lemmigs by Severin Hirsch, that spurs for an independent use of images and texts conceived as equal symbols; Maryam Mohammadi’s Memories Icon, that explores how images shape personal memories as well as their unconscious visual cultural effects. At the same time, the show reflects on the potentialities and limits of this language, or on its interaction with other means of expression. The work Everyday by The Cool Couple assembles meme GIFs underlying the influence on our existences of “secondary visuality”. In Kate Howlett-Jones’s Pocket Dictionary of the world’s Most Iconic Photographs every image-entry is defined by a poetic text resulting from mixed commentaries


The Other Side of the Moon, Galleria Bertoni, Cervignano del Friuli, May 6th – 27th 2018


6-27 Maggio 2018
A cura di Eva Comuzzi, Orietta Masin
Galleria Bertoni, Spazio Espansione, Chiesa di San Girolamo, Teatro Pasolini, Cervignano del Friuli (UD)

Artisti: Adriano Annino, Michele Bazzana, Filippo Berta, Pierre Bourrigault, Pietro Bulfoni, Enzo Comin, Paolo Comuzzi, Andrea d’Arsiè, Manuel de Marco, Virginia Fabris, Dario Imbrogno, Igor Imhoff, Valentina lo Duca, Anita Luperini, Simone Miani, Paola Pasquaretta, Francesco Patat, Titta Cosetta Raccagni, Maria Savoldi, Martina Scarpelli, Caterina Erica Shanta, Jeasun Shin, Mattia Sinigaglia, Josipa Stefanec, The Cool Couple, Ettore Tomas, Noriko Tomita, Lara Trevisan, Debora Vrizzi, Amayokasim Yamamoto, Giacomo Zorba.

Domenica 06 maggio alle ore 17.30 presso la Galleria Bertoni di Cervignano del Friuli, inaugura The Other Side Of The Moon. La mostra, curata da Eva Comuzzi e Orietta Masin, giunte al loro terzo anno di collaborazione, investiga il tema dell’ombra, andando così a concludere un trittico iniziato nel 2015 con Time is running out, che trattava il tempo in tutte le sue possibili sfaccettature, per proseguire poi con Shine on you crazy diamond, che andava ad affrontare, più che il tema della follia, quello della nevrosi in rapporto alla frenesia contemporanea, conseguenza di un tempo sempre più accelerato.

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Nov. 16, 23 + Dec. 2 // Karma Fails @ Museo del ‘900, Milan


Karma Fails – Meditation is Visualization
a cura di Iolanda Ratti e Marta Bianchi
Museo del Novecento, Sala Fontana
16 e 23 novembre 2017: prima sessione ore 19.30 seconda sessione ore 20.30
2 dicembre 2017: sessione unica ore 11.00

Il Museo del Novecento presenta il lavoro Karma Fails – Meditation is Visualization di The Cool Couple. L’iniziativa si colloca nell’ambito di “Level 0”, progetto di ArtVerona in collaborazione con quattordici musei e istituzioni d’arte contemporanea italiani, che mira a promuovere artisti emergenti, selezionati durante la era e presentati nelle istituzioni l’anno successivo.

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Dadaclub.online: the Exhibition, March 25 – April 15 @ Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia

Dadaclub.online: the Exhibition
March 25 to April 15 at Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia
Opening: March 25th, 6 PM

On February 5, 2016 the Link Art Center launched Dadaclub.online, an online archive an creative platform meant to celebrate the dada legacy in the centenary of dada’s birth, that took place in Zurich on February 5, 1916. For a year, Dadaclub.online has been a place for uninterrupted experimentation, promoting the creative reuse of digital copies of original dada artworks. On February 5, 2017, when we stopped publishing updates, the platform offered 148 artworks, and had been visited 248,672 times.  Continue reading

Good night, and good luck, AplusA Gallery, Venice, Sept. 28th

September 28 to November 30th 2016

Opening: September 28th, 6pm

AplusA Gallery
Calle Malipiero, San Marco 3073
Venice, Italy

The School for Curatorial Studies Venice and A plus A gallery are pleased to announce the exhibition Good Night, and Good Luck.

In October 1940, in a time when England was under German bomb attacks, Princess Elizabeth ended her first broadcast speech by saying “Good night and good luck to you all”. This farewell quote was a popular greeting among English citizens, in a period of time in which seeing each other the next morning was uncertain.

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