Alchimie – Works where business and art meet, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, 26/10/2017


Opening: Thursday, 26 October, 6:30 PM
Exhibition duration: 27 October to 3 December 2017
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Palazzetto Tito, Venice
Curated by: Stefano Coletto
Artists: Michele Bazzana, Andrea De Stefani, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Andrea Grotto, Rachele Maistrello, The Cool Couple, Serena Vestrucci.

Companies: F.lli Calegaro (Padua), DolciColor (Verona), Palladio (Treviso), Lanificio Paoletti (Treviso), Plasterego (Padua), Tiso Alfredo e Figli (Venice).

On 26 October 2017, Alchimie. Works Where Business and Art Meet returns. The exhibition dedicated to the Alchimie Culturali project is an initiative formulated by Confindustria Veneto and implemented by Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa which brings artists and businesses from the Veneto region together to produce contemporary works of art.

In the project’s second edition, Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa assisted the artists as they produced their work, accompanying them to meetings with companies and discussing and coordinating the production of their pieces. The project lasted longer than a year and, like in the previous edition, sparked an intense process of shared experiences, bringing human aspects, technical skills, business strategies and artistic visions to the fore.

“The goal of this initiative, through the synergies created, is to generate a new interaction methodology between art and business, a repeatable operational modality that allows collaborations to develop which are reciprocally beneficial for enterprises, artists and cultural institutes. The project includes the production of a few works which arise from the artists’ preliminary visit to companies which aren’t close to contemporary art. Each company selects the artistic project most suitable to it, thereby launching a process of discussion which culminates in a work of art. The piece is an expression of the raw material which each company works with, of the abilities that set it apart, and its goals in terms of growth and communication.
By doing so, contact and partnership between entrepreneurs and artists is stimulated, starting a process of alchemy (alchimia in Italian) which, fusing the business’s know-how with contemporary creativity, unleashes new molecules, capable of promoting and enhancing our manufacturers with the creative methods of the means of contemporary artistic expression.”