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Fotopub, Novo Mesto, Slovenia, 31 July – 4 August 2019

Novo Mesto, Slovenia
July 31- August 4, 2019

Artists: The Cool Couple, Container Doxa, Cvetkovic, Mark Farid, Dejmi Hadrovic, Rok Hubodivnik, Michael Kelly, Peter Kolarcik, Thomas Kuijpers, Luca Marcelli, Milika Mijajlovic, Danilo Milovanovic, Mila Panic, Tamara Spalajkovic, Sasa Tatic, Rafal Zajko.


The international festival of contemporary photography Fotopub Festival was founded in 2000 by LokalPatriot Institute and it is based in Novo Mesto, a city in southeastern Slovenia. The festival was originally named the Fotopub Festival of Documentary Photography, but from 2014, its focus has shifted from documentary and reportage photography to encompass a wider and conceptual perspective, and the festival itself became a platform for contemporary, not only photographic, arts. Every year it brings together international artists and curators, whose practices are located in the gaps and overlaps of contemporary visual arts, new media and technology.

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Art Stays – Contemporary Art Festival, Ptuj, Slovenia, July 5-12, 2019

Art Stays – Contemporary Art Festival
Ptuj, Slovenia
July 5-12, 2019

Artists: Zulkifle Mahmod, Edward Burtynsky, Jeongmoon Choi, Gal Weinstein, Toru Hamada, Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, Béatrice Lartigue, Snow Yunxue Fu, Olivo Barbieri, Andrea Botto, Silvia Camporesi, The Cool Couple, Discipula, Costantino Ciervo, Interno3 (Manuel Frara), DK (Damjan Kocjančič), Yu Kato, Movimento Creative Label, Christo & Andrew, Liza Ambrossio, Matteo Cremonesi, Shyue Woon, Alexandra Lethbridge, Valentin Fougeray, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Synchrodogs, Cassandra Klos, Matiew Gafsou, Laszlo Laszlo Révész, Marta Czene, Veronika Romhány, Gabriele Corni, Dušan Fišer, Euro Rotelli, Andrea Tagliapietra, Borut Beus, Andreja Džakušič, Borut Holland, Simon Macuh, Keiko Miyazaki, Boris Oblišar, Željko Opačak, Ervin Potočnik, Mojca Senegačnik, Iva Tratnik, Bori Zupančič, Adam Szell, Adam Takacs, Enrico Antonello, Matteo Vettorello, Nicoló Masiero Sgrinzatto, Samuel Hernandez De Luca.


The Art Stays Contemporary art festival has been bringing the best that Slovenian and foreign contemporary artists have to offer to Ptuj since 2003, having featured a number of promising young artists, as well as big names, such as Ai Weiwei, Yoko Ono, Monira Al Qadiri, Gilbert & George, Jake & Dinos Chapman…Just like every year, we can look forward to exceptional artworks from a wide range of art forms – from sculpturing, photography, film, and painting to art installations and performances, and music. The 17th edition of the Art Stays festival, with the title FUTURE – a Vision of the World, will feature international artists who explore the future and try to answer the question: What the future holds?

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