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The Image as Process @Photo Open Up Festival, Padova 26 Sept. – 25 Oct. 2020

The Image As Process
Cattedrale Ex Macello
Via Cornaro 1, Padova
Sept. 26th, Oct. 25th, 2020
Curated by Carlo Sala, The Cool Couple

Artists: Francisco Alarcon, Claudio Beorchia, Filippo Berta,  Francesca Catastini, Federico Clavarino, Gloria Dardari, Achille Filipponi, Alessandro Laita e Chiaralice Rizzi, Luca Marcelli, Filippo Minelli, Caterina Morigi, Novella Oliana, Nicolas Polli, Jessica Raimondi, Fabio Ranzolin, Giovanna Repetto, Michele Sibiloni, Rocco Venezia, Lorenzo Vitturi e Tilo&Toni.

We’re honored we’ve contributed to curate this long and wonderful project.
The exhibition, part of Photo Open Up Festival, gathers some of the most innovative researches in contemporary photography presenting the work of twenty authors from different generation of Italian and European artists. The display, curated by Carlo Sala and The Cool Couple, presents a reflection on how images (be they artistic or vernacular) are always subjected to a process of reinterpretation according to the context – social media, smart devices, mass media, books, museums – or the historical period in which the public is situated.