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We’re the winners of Artevisione LAB 2019!

We’re super happy to announce that we are the winners of the 2019 edition of Artevisione 2019, promoted by Careof in partnership with Sky Arte.
We were selected with our upcoming project, The Cute and the Useful, initially developed in South Africa thanks to IIC Pretoria and Nirox Foundation last year, which will become a film describing the complex and controversial wildlife industry flourishing in the country: a method of environmental conservation where the public and private sector are regulated by the market, whose application resulted in a 400% increase of the wildlife population in South Africa in the last 50 years.

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The Fuffy Wipe Case @ The book is on the screen, SPRINT, Milan, Nov. 25-26


curated by Valeria Raho
Saturday 25 ~ Sunday 26.11  |  13.00—20.00
O’~SoundOhm ⟨basement⟩, Via Pastrengo 12, Milan

Video by: NastyNasty©/blisterZine, Roberto Fassone, Fabrizio Vatieri, Sara Benaglia, canecapovolto, Giuseppe De Mattia, Gianluca Marinelli, Rada Kozelj, Discipula, Adriana Monsalve, Lele Marcojanni, Rossella Piccinno, Giulio Squillacciotti, The Cool Couple

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