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Subterranean Virtualscapes, Virginia Bianchi Gallery, 27 May – 29 July

Subterranean Virtualscapes
Virginia Bianchi Gallery
27 May – 29 July
curated by Virginia Bianchi

Artists: Sofia Braga, Fred Cosci, The Cool Couple, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Andrea Frosolini, Kamilia Kard, Rachele Maistrello, Martina Menegon, Deborah Mora, Alessandro Moroni, Alice Palamenghi, Veronica Petukhov, Valeria Segna, Olia Svetlanova, Matteo Zamagni.

Subterranean Virtualscapes is the result of the gallery’s willingness to be involved with two different subjects, the first being the recently boomed crypto art marketplace: VBG believes it is paramount, for realities operating in the realm of digital art, to engage with the new terrain of NFTs to take a stance against its critical ecological unsustainability and pledged free market opportunities. Subterranean Virtualscapes is our answer to this too-hastily-expanded ecosystem whose basic technology, however, we believe could be beneficial to artists and other
players of the digital art world. Continue reading