Generazione Critica #2, the book

Generazione Critica. La fotografia in Europa dopo le grandi scuole

Curated by Marcella Manni and Luca Panaro

Published by: Danilo Montanari editore, 2015

Texts by: Fabrizio Bellomo, Vincenzo Estremo, Francesca Lazzarini, Anna Lovecchio, Marcella Manni, Luca Panaro, Domenico Quaranta, The Cool Couple (Niccolò Benetton e Simone Santilli), Davide Tranchina.

Artists, especially those belonging to younger generations, act in a wider and complex contest which can’t be reduced to the idea of nationality and geographical borders: prizes, artists in residence programs, international workshops offer the freedom of action in a lot of contexts abroad.
The scenery of artistic research is influenced by the great mobility and flexibility of young artists. The question, thus, is about the birth of new strategies within the persistence of recognized styles or “schools”.

Generazione Critica is an analysis of artistic research with particular attention paid to image-based themes.

16×22 cm
64 pages
ISBN 978-88-98120-62-8