STATI DI TENSIONE @ MUFOCO, Cinisello Balsamo 17 February – 8 April 2018

STATI DI TENSIONE | Percorsi nelle collezioni
17.02.2018 > 08.04.2018
A cura di Carlo Sala
Vernissage: Sabato 17 febbraio 2018, ore 18.00

Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, Villa Ghirlanda, Cinisello Balsamo (Milano)

Artists: Marina Ballo Charmet, Olivo Barbieri, Gabriele Basilico, Letizia Battaglia, Lisetta Carmi, Vincenzo Castella, Paolo Ciregia, Mario Cresci, Paola Di Bello, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Joan Fontcuberta, Leonard Freed, Jochen Gerz, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli, Paolo Gioli, Paul Graham, Roni Horn, Francesco Jodice, Michi Suzuki, The Cool Couple, Arthur Tress, Klaus Zaugg.


Riparte la stagione espositiva del Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea, nella sede storica di Villa Ghirlanda a Cinisello Balsamo, con la mostra STATI DI TENSIONE | Percorsi nelle collezioni. Il curatore Carlo Sala è stato invitato a “rileggere” i diversi fondi fotografici che costituiscono il patrimonio del Museo, creando un percorso espositivo di oltre ottanta lavori di autori italiani e stranieri e due interventi site-specific di giovani artisti contemporanei.

La scelta di individuare un giovane curatore e di ospitare, in occasione della mostra, le opere di giovani artisti dà continuità a una politica avviata lo scorso anno e che a partire dal 2018 diventerà una consuetudine nella programmazione del Museo. Puntare sui giovani attraverso incontri, mostre e acquisizioni permette di riallacciare un dialogo con i fotografi e gli operatori, a cui il Museo si rivolge come luogo aperto di discussione e sperimentazione.

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The Fuffy Wipe Case @ The book is on the screen, SPRINT, Milan, Nov. 25-26


curated by Valeria Raho
Saturday 25 ~ Sunday 26.11  |  13.00—20.00
O’~SoundOhm ⟨basement⟩, Via Pastrengo 12, Milan

Video by: NastyNasty©/blisterZine, Roberto Fassone, Fabrizio Vatieri, Sara Benaglia, canecapovolto, Giuseppe De Mattia, Gianluca Marinelli, Rada Kozelj, Discipula, Adriana Monsalve, Lele Marcojanni, Rossella Piccinno, Giulio Squillacciotti, The Cool Couple

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Nov. 16, 23 + Dec. 2 // Karma Fails @ Museo del ‘900, Milan


Karma Fails – Meditation is Visualization
a cura di Iolanda Ratti e Marta Bianchi
Museo del Novecento, Sala Fontana
16 e 23 novembre 2017: prima sessione ore 19.30 seconda sessione ore 20.30
2 dicembre 2017: sessione unica ore 11.00

Il Museo del Novecento presenta il lavoro Karma Fails – Meditation is Visualization di The Cool Couple. L’iniziativa si colloca nell’ambito di “Level 0”, progetto di ArtVerona in collaborazione con quattordici musei e istituzioni d’arte contemporanea italiani, che mira a promuovere artisti emergenti, selezionati durante la era e presentati nelle istituzioni l’anno successivo.

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Alchimie – Works where business and art meet, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, 26/10/2017


Opening: Thursday, 26 October, 6:30 PM
Exhibition duration: 27 October to 3 December 2017
Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Palazzetto Tito, Venice
Curated by: Stefano Coletto
Artists: Michele Bazzana, Andrea De Stefani, Elisabetta Di Maggio, Andrea Grotto, Rachele Maistrello, The Cool Couple, Serena Vestrucci.

Companies: F.lli Calegaro (Padua), DolciColor (Verona), Palladio (Treviso), Lanificio Paoletti (Treviso), Plasterego (Padua), Tiso Alfredo e Figli (Venice).

On 26 October 2017, Alchimie. Works Where Business and Art Meet returns. The exhibition dedicated to the Alchimie Culturali project is an initiative formulated by Confindustria Veneto and implemented by Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa which brings artists and businesses from the Veneto region together to produce contemporary works of art.

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POIUYT Radio @ Unseen Photography Fair, Amsterdam 21-24 September 2017

Co-Op Unseen Amsterdam
Curated by Lars Willumeit
Location: Transformatorhuis, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam

We are really happy that POIUYT‘s team will fly to Amsterdam next week! We have been invited to Co-op Unseen, a new section of Unseen Photography Fair gathering different collectives from Europe and the world, whose practices can be traced back to photography. The selected collectives are:  Tendance Floue (FR), RUANG MES 56 (ID), Radical Reversibility (NL), POIUYT (IT), Nepal Picture Library (NP), LIVE WILD (FR), Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt(SE), Huber Huber (CH), GUSH (BE), DER GREIF (DE), Dead Darlings (NL), Colectivo +1(CO), and Britto Arts Trust (BD).

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Kūldiga Artist Residency, from Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th 2017

We are extremely happy to announce that we will be in Latvia for a month, between September 15th and October 15th because we will be hosted at Kūldiga Artist Residency. The project, in partnership with ISSP, selects three authors whose research is involved with photography and the contemporary image. For more information, click here. We will keep you posted about it, do not worry.

Here the news about the selection of the resident artists for 2017.


Teatrum Botanicum, PAV, 16-18 June

Teatrum Botanicum – Emerging Talents 2017
June 16-18, 2017
Opening: Friday, June 16th, 5 PM
PAV, Via Giordano Bruno 34, Turin

Artists: Agreements to Zinedine, Enrico Ascoli, Lia Cecchin, Gaetano Cunsolo, Cleo Fariselli, Matteo Gatti, Alessio Gianardi, Paolo Inverni, La Distrazione del Fagiano, Filippo Marzocchi, Mount Fog, Giovanni Oberti, Mauro Panichella, Gianandrea Poletta, Serena Porrati, Lavinia Raccanello, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Ruben Spini, The Cool Couple.

Talks agenda: Enrico Ascoli, Atelier A, Chan, Regine Débatty, Alessandra Franetovich, Paolo Inverni, Kabul Magazine, La Distrazione del Fagiano, Leandro Pisano.

On Friday, 16th June at 5pm PAV inaugurates Teatrum Botanicum – Emerging Talents 2017, an experimental space dedicated to emerging artists involved in the natural and ecological artistic investigation unique to the contemporary art centre.

For three days, the space will be dedicated not to a conventional exhibition, but to actual events: performative practices, projections, talks and performances-lectures, DJ and live music sets free from a precise curatorial intention, but determined to reveal a conceptual nucleus ex post. The plurality of questions arising through these interventions merge in singular, broad- spectrum question. Starting from the idea that the concept of “environment” can be difficult to articulate in a univocal definition (the generic idea of environment as “that which surrounds a given element” can be variously described by multiple fields, from biology to physics, from ecology to computer science), how can we relate to it, as artists in primis? And in doing so, what could be a personal definition of the term or a wider discourse arising from the idea of environment? Continue reading


POIUYT project launch, Galleria Michela Rizzo, Venice 11 May 2017


POIUYT. The project
Venice, Thursday 11th May 2017 at 12pm
Galleria Michela Rizzo 
Venice, Ex Birreria, Giudecca 800/Q (Vaporetto Stop Palanca)

The 11th of May at 12pm, during an event at Michela Rizzo Gallery, POIUYT will launch its website and the first of a series of publications linked to its activities. POIUYT is a platform for image-based research which aims at spreading a critical attitude towards this key language within the contemporary world through reflection, collective exchange and participation.

POIUYT, which is supported by MLZ Art Dep, Trieste, Michela Rizzo Gallery, Venice and Metronom, Modena, is a collective project developed by curators Francesca Lazzarini and Gaia Tedone together with artists Alessandro Sambini, Discipula and The Cool Couple. The first exhibition Point Zero. Critical practices in contemporary Italian photography, currently on view in the exhibition space in Trieste until the 18th of June 2017, introduces the founding group at the moment when their interests intertwine and their collaboration begins. Although they all come from a background in photography, they share an inclination to push its boundaries. The platform is a response to the urge of starting a collective reflection on the dominant role of images in our networked society and on their political implications.

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SHORT CIRCUIT #3, OK Corral, Copenhagen

Exhibition opening – 05.05.2017, 5pm
Exhibition continues – 06 – 28.05.2017, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 1 – 5pm
Terminal 3 – OK Corral, Rolighedsvej 9, 1958 Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Emily Mulenga, Juneau Projects and Antonio Roberts (Birmingham); The Cool Couple, Kensuke Koike and Ryts Monet (Venice); Honey Biba Beckerlee, Johan Knattrup Jensen and David Stjernholm (Copenhagen).

Short Circuit is an ambitious international touring group show devised by British Independent Curator, Aly Grimes, and consists of nine new media artists and collectives in an attempt to re-assess the archetypal framework of a travelling exhibition. It proposes a new experimental model of display realised in three different locations across Europe to include Birmingham, Venice and Copenhagen. The project’s structure aims to investigate new ways that exhibition spaces can present touring shows in the Digital Age and will manifest as a highly experimental research project susceptible to failure. It might glitch, trip, malfunction or ‘short circuit’. Read the full press release here.

The Cool Couple - The Third Chimpanzee, Vajont 2014-2

2010 – 2015. Notes on Italian Videoart, Biennale del Cortometraggio, Vicenza

2010 – 2015 / Notes on Italian Videoart
4 – 20 aprile 2017

Palazzo Valmarana, Vicenza
A cura di Andrea Bruciati

Artisti: Yuri Ancarani, Elisabetta Benassi, Francesco Bertocco, Rossella Biscotti, Danilo Correale, Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio, Rä di Martino, Irene Dionisio, Roberto Fassone, Anna Franceschini, Stefania Galegati Shines, Riccardo Giacconi, Francesca Grilli, Adelita Husni-Bey, Invernomuto, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Diego Marcon, Orestis Mavroudis, Ruben Montini, Lorenzo Morri, Marco Noris, Adrian Paci, Luigi Presicce, Antonio Rovaldi, Marinella Senatore, The Cool Couple, Luca Trevisani, Driant Zeneli

2010.2015 / notes on italian videoart intende presentare attraverso una selezione di lavori video un panorama esaustivo degli autori della cosiddetta arte in movimento; operanti nella penisola. Il progetto intende colmare un vuoto istituzionale perché la rassegna è concepita come un aggiornamento delle proposte più interessanti formulate nell’ultimo quinquennio. L’iniziativa si riallaccia infatti idealmente al fortunato format videoreport italia; e ha l’obbiettivo di monitorare in tempo reale la produzione di artisti attivi delle ultime generazioni secondo una eterogenea e ricca articolazione di opere.

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